How to Clean Turquoise Jewellery

Turquoise, one of the birthstones for the month of December, varies in colour from greenish blue to sky blue shades and its transparency ranges from translucent to opaque. Turquoise is a soft stone, so care should be taken to protect it from scratches, sharp blows, hot water and household chemicals.
The best way to clean turquoise jewellery is to use Connoisseurs Delicate Jewellery Cleaner. First, put the stopper in the sink. Next, immerse the jewellery for a minute in the jar of jewellery cleaner. Use the strainer to remove the jewellery and brush it gently. Use the specialized brush to get between prongs and under the setting to remove any build-up that prevents the stone from looking its best. Rinse the jewellery under warm water and dry with a lint free cloth. Do not use an ultrasonic machine.

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