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Think about your cherished diamond engagement and wedding rings. You probably wear them every day, but have you ever wondered just how to clean a diamond ring?
While a diamond is the hardest stone on earth, this doesn’t mean yours won’t get dirty or that it isn’t susceptible to damage. When it comes to cleaning diamonds at home, we always advise against DIY remedies and quick-fix methods using products found under the sink. You don’t ever want to use household cleaners to clean your diamond because they may be harmful!
To be safe you should always take off your jewellery when doing household chores and any time you’re using chemicals. However, there are times when you can’t avoid getting hairspray, moisturisers or sunscreen on your ring. These products will build up and dull the brilliance of your diamond, keeping it from sparkling like new. You should clean your diamond ring frequently to keep the build-up off your stone, for it to look its dazzling best.

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